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Black Glass Group®

The leader in Europe in automotive and architectural film installation.

Black Glass Group®

The leader in Europe in automotive and architectural film installation.

Black Glass services

The Leader in film installation

    Operates in more than 10 European cities

    Over 30.000 cars

    Top-quality foils and car glasses

    Fast installation by the team of certified installers

    From 3 to 15 year warranty for all our services

Black Glass was founded in Belgrade in 2006. After more than a decade, Black Glass has become the largest film installation company in Europe with services in more than 10 countries. Black Glass® is a registered and protected brand representing the guarantee of quality for top-notch materials and installation. We are proud to say that there are no cars that we haven’t worked on yet, from oldtimers to the latest models of cars that we work on in collaboration with the leading car dealers. In the field of architecture, we have installed films on various commercial buildings, private homes, embassies, airports, bank branches, famous hotels, as well as schools and hospitals for which we work under special conditions as part of our contribution to the community. Inside the Black Glass Group there is also Black Glass Academy whose basic goal is to educate future installers who are interested in film installation industry.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is the most efficient way to achieve maximum heat and UV protection in your vehicle. High-quality sun protection automotive tints dim strong sunlight, reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and filter out harmful UV rays, making the car’s interior cooler and more comfortable.

Automotive films have important safety function, because in case of glass breakage, they hold shattered glass together, preventing them from scattering and protecting the passengers from serious injuries. In addition to that, window tints give aesthetic enhancements to your car, making it look more elegant and modern.

Car wrapping

Car wrapping is the fastest and cheapest way to upgrade the look of your car. Fast installation, which takes only 1 day, will make your car look factory new once again.

Black Glass uses high-quality films such as: LLumar, Oracal, KPMF, Avery, Hexis, 3M, Grafityp and Arlon. The films are available in different colors and finishes, and you have also the option to get films printed based on your custom-designed pattern.

Paint Protection Films

Forget car scratches! With invisible paint protection films you can keep you car’s original paint and shine!

Paint protection films (PPF) shield top layers of your car’s original paint from scratches such as door scratches or nicks, road salt and sand, as well as from everyday paint damages. By installing these foils, you will eliminate the need for expensive car correction services and repainting, because your car will look factory new for a long time.

Auto glass replacement and repair

Black Glass installs high-quality windshields, side and back car windows of the world’s leading car glass manufacturers such as: Pilkington, Guardian, NordGlass, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, AGC, HS, XYG, FYAO.

Our team consists of certified installers trained for auto glass repair and replacement for all types of vehicles. By using highest grade materials and tools we can guarantee quality and safety. That is why we provide our customers with a 10-year written warranty for car glass replacement. You can have all of these at an affordable price or even free of charge up to the amount covered by your car insurance.

Architectural film installation

Architectural films are a simple and quick solution to enhancement of commercial and residential buildings.

Solar window films provide a high level of heat protection significantly improving energy efficiency by reducing the heating and cooling costs. Safety & security films provide a high-level protection against intruders and reduce the hazard of broken glass. Decorative films offer a complete transformation of the interior. They are available in a wide range of patterns, with a possibility of custom-made solution.


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